Noam Kroll’s Blog #RP12 (Week3)

For this blog post, I will concentrate on how Kroll is able to connect with his audience beyond just having a blog. One of the way he does this is by broadcasting a series of podcasts called ‘Show, Don’t Tell’, about his work and life in the industry.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.12.08 pm
Kroll shares his podcast over many different broadcasting platforms.

Podcasts, in recent years have become in many ways, a new form of medium in their own right, reaching audiences on topics local radio stations can’t provide. Kroll has taken the opportunity to utilise this platform and allows a different way of delivering his messages compared to the blogs. His audience can access the podcast in a variety of media streaming platform run by different organisations, including the blog site. For example, Kroll shares his podcast over 6 audio streaming platforms (them being iTune, Google Play, Stitcher, SoundCloud, RSS, and his blog site). This allows his audience to choose their preferred platform that their comfortable with, instead of them having to navigate one that is not. I think that this is smart as it not only give the consumer freedom of choose, but also opens up your potential to reach a wider audience that possible were unaware of his works beforehand. Ultimately broadening horizons and connecting with fans on a platform that may suit them better.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.15.06 pm
Kroll advertises the podcast on his blog’s homepage.

I feel Kroll’s blog site is also a major factor in the podcast’s success as he has it advertised on the home page. This instantly notifies frequent readers when a new podcast is avaliable for listening. Plus, for any new people that access his blog site, it show that that he is adaptable and has a genuine passion for sharing his knowledge about the industry to other interested people. Giving them many avenues to connect with Kroll and connect with what he has to say.

Personally, I think the podcast is a great way of connecting to your audience as it is another way to stay revenant in your audience’s lives to inspire and share knowledge. Kroll’s latest podcast (fond below) does exactly that in where he explains when he fell fit enough to quit his stable day job, and peruse a career in the film industry full time. I also feel however, that his blog and podcast have amplified his success (resulting in him being a full time content creator) because if the expanse of the platform being able to promote his work and findings to the masses. Overall, in a modern era, podcasts are a being increasing popular in the public eye is something I may consider in the future to strengthen connections with audiences.

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