Noam Kroll’s Blog #RP14 (Week5)

As I continue to read through Noam Kroll’s blog, one thing is consistent across the board. And that is his comment section. Sure, most blogs have them, but what makes Kroll special is that he often replies to most of his commenters.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 7.31.19 am
Example of Kroll Interacting With Commenter

Kroll posts on a variety of topics for his readers, often resulting in them asking many questions about his thought process and how he goes about his profession. He them takes time to help to the commenters, allowing them to feel what they’ve asked is valid. What this does is adds another element of better connecting to his audiences, pulling focus onto forming a stronger relationship between reader and himself. Many bloggers don’t bother to reply to their commenters, let alone read them, so I feel that Kroll’s blog has a warming feeling of community because of it.

Screen Shot 2017-10-21 at 7.29.55 am
Kroll provides Feedback, Creating a More Intimate Connection Between Him & His Readers

Another thing that I have found interesting is how Kroll communicate’s with his commenters in that he is open to critical feedback and seems genuinely interested in what they have to say. Often replying back with some sort of new realisation or acknowledgement. Seeing Kroll do this is opening my eyes on how this adds a whole new level of capturing my audiences attention to return to my blog and enforces the real meaning of why blogging exists in the first place. To share and communicate ideas and processes.

Now having more knowledge about the impact of replying to your commenters, I will try and engage with my commenters (when they do) more on an in depth level. To ensure i’m connecting with my audience most effectively and to show that I also have a genuine interest in any outside realisation that I may not have thought of before hand.


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