Noam’s Kroll Blog #RP19 (Week13)

In my final week of analysing Noam Kroll’s blog, I’ll be looking at his approach to blogging as a whole and how I feel it has contributed to his overall success.


Kroll Knows his Demographic and Produced Content Accordingly. That Demographic being beginners, Less Advanced People in the Industry 

If there is anything to marvel about Kroll, it would be that he is consistency and strives for quality. I believe this comes from having such a passion for what he’s doing,  the rest follows naturally. And this tone comes through throughout all his whole blog site. This tone is something iv’e discussed before in a previous blog post, but it is the reason why I believe why he has such a successful following. This is because his audience can look to him as a person of reliability as someone who knows what he is doing in his field. Plus, he knows who the majority of his demographic is and produces content for that, along for a wider audience. That demographic being made of mainly people who are interested in the industry, beginners, and/or people who are in the industry who are less advance than him, but want to know more. This is evident in blogs such as “Making a Micro-Budget Feature In 6 Months”. I feel that Kroll knows this as he forms that intimate connection with his audience through his ability to create conversations with them though his comment section. Again, something that was mentioned in a previous post I’ve published. All these things I feel have what made Noam Kroll an accomplished blogger who has a dependable following as a result, ultimately, giving him a purpose to blog.


When relating what I learnt from Kroll to myself, I have realised that if I want my blog to have a successful following, I need to blanket by blog with the right/more tone and passion. While also building on relationships with my readers by being more involved in comment sections and producing more content they would want to read. Therefore building a reliable and secure demographic who will continue to come back to my blog site as a point of reference when they want to find out more of what I’m doing in the industry.


References: (2017). Noam Kroll. [online] Available at: (2017). From Idea To Finished Film: Making a Micro-Budget Feature In 6 Months. [online] Available at:


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